In whatever photography discussions, you will explore many topics. You will talk about the best cameras, the best photography times, lenses, angles, and so many other things. The bottom line of all this talk, however, one simple question: How do you take good photos?

This article explores that in the simplest terms.

Learn camera Settings

Whatever camera you are working with, you have to get conversant with the settings. No matter how automated cameras become, the best photos can only be delivered in manual mode; there is no shortcut about it. You will need to know how to work with the photography triangle- aperture, ISO and shutter speed- to respond most appropriately to the prevailing light conditions.

To get familiar with these settings, you have to actually receive some kind of education. The internet has made this possible since there are numerous articles available even for specific camera model settings. If you are not so much of a reader, YouTube has you sorted with more-than-enough videos.

Always be Aware of Your Environment

As a photographer, you will need to be accurately aware of the weather you are working in and react accordingly. You will even find yourself looking out for the day’s forecast.

You cannot have one setting for the entire day. In windy conditions, clouds will keep covering and uncovering the sun and you will need to react accordingly with your settings.

Furthermore, you will need to read the mood of your subjects in a bid to try and predict the best shots. If you are photographing animals, for example, you will need to look out for activities like confrontation, feeding, mating etc.


Do not wait to just go out and take photos when they are needed. Passion means you will have to take lots of practice shots- probably in their thousands- and take lessons from each. Practice for upcoming photography sessions with similar settings so that you can get an early feel of it all. The beautiful thing about modern photography is the availability of digital storage which is huge and re-usable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Weird postures

If you are going to take nice photos, you have to stop behaving like a VIP. You will find yourself jumping over hedges and squatting in weird places just to get the perfect shot. You have no chance to stay comfortable in public gatherings. Thankfully, all these uncomfortable poses will be paid for once you get the shot you are looking for.